Drought Tolerant Landscaping Or Xeriscaping

A Beautiful Looking Landscaped Property Without Wasting Water!
We specialize in drought resistant and drought tolerant landscaping.

Drought tolerant landscaping, drought resistant landscaping or Xeriscaping as it’s also known, is a quickly emerging landscaping trend, especially throughout the Boardman, Ohio area.

Unless you’re property is on a well you are most likely hooked up to Mahoning County, Ohio water and the last few summers, home and property owners have continually faced watering restrictions due to shortages.

Incorporating drought tolerant landscape design into your property will reduce maintenance costs, reduce your water usage and it won’t have to look boring and dull either.  Drought resistant landscaping can bring your property to life with an explosion of different colors and appealing textures.

It will be easier to maintain and your landscaping will always look great regardless of the season.

Superb Concepts is a landscaping contractor serving the Boardman, Ohio area.  We specialize in designing and building drought resistant landscapes for homeowners, property managers and commercial property owners.

Whether you’re looking to install a drought resistant landscape for your new construction project or re-doing and existing landscape to be drought resistant, our knowledgeable team will be able to help you.

Drought Resistant Landscaping Boardman, Ohio
  • Low Maintenance Landscaping
  • Rock Landscaping Features
  • Flagstone and Paver Patios
  • Drought Resistant Plants
  • Drought Resistant Grasses
  • Drought Resistant Shrubs

One of the keys to a beautiful drought tolerant landscape is an understanding of the local eco-system you are located in so you can incorporate as many native plants and natural items of interest as possible.

By utilizing native plants, trees and shrubs from our own eco-system it’s a great way to maintain a natural setting about your property with healthy plants that will grow well in our climate.

There are literally dozens of ways to incorporate drought tolerant landscaping into your property, here are a few of the more popular ideas we’ve seen around Boardman, Ohio.

Rocks Are Drought Tolerant & Visually Appealing

Landscaping with rock and/or boulders will definitely cut down on the watering required, aside from a cleaning every year.  Large boulders always make great focal points in any garden as do rock walls and even outdoor rock fireplaces make for a great area in the backyard to relax and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

Instead of garden beds, think gravel beds using pea gravel, pebbles, crushed rock or another attractive stone and they can be lined with landscape ties or dotted with colorful drought resistant shrubs and trees.

Drought Tolerant Grass or Alternatives

Grass is the largest consumer of water out of any of the plants in your landscape and when the summer drought and water restriction hits, your lawn will be affected the most.

There are many different types of drought tolerant grasses and grass alternatives that can be planted or spread in place of the traditional Kentucky blue grass that many of our lawns consist of.

The following types of drought resistant grasses work well in this area

  • Western fescue (Festuca idahoensis)
  • June grass (Koelaria macrantha)
  • Western ryegrass (Elymus glaucus)

If your yard is quite small, and you don’t even want to have a lawn there are other alternatives to grass such as expanding a patio, creating spaces out of pea gravel or river rock or maybe even that flagstone patio you’ve always wanted.  Without grass your maintenance requirements drop way down and you can still surround yourself with colorful gardens.

Drought Tolerant Plants Are Plentiful

The idea behind drought tolerant landscaping is to choose plants, trees and shrubs that require little water to survive and require little maintenance.  They don’t have to be boring though, there is an abundance of colorful plant choices for drought resistant gardens and landscapes.

You can find drought tolerant plants in reds, yellows, greens, purples and many other colors, so a shortage of plant and flower options is never a good excuse.

Do You Need Help Designing And Building Your Drought Tolerant Landscape On Your Boardman, Ohio Property?

Superb Concepts is a full service landscaping contractor serving the Boardman, Ohio area.  We specialize in building drought tolerant and low maintenance landscapes and gardens for our residential and commercial clients.  Our in-house construction team can build any type of hardscape you desire from a rock retaining wall to a flagstone patio to concrete flatwork and more.

If you’d like to get an estimate to build or convert your landscaping to a drought tolerant and low-maintenance landscape give us a call 234-600-7675 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting back to you shortly.

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