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We form, pour, and finish, concrete driveways, walkways, patios, and more!

At Superb Concepts, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled concrete flatwork solutions tailored to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your property.  From meticulously constructed concrete driveways that enhance your curb appeal, to inviting walkways and pathways that guide visitors, our craftsmanship speaks volumes. Our expertise doesn't end there; we specialize in building concrete patios, perfect for relaxation or entertainment; porches that add character and utility to home entrances; sturdy and attractive stairs for seamless elevation transitions; additional parking solutions with concrete parking pads; and driveway aprons for that polished touch to your driveway.

Serving North Eastern Ohio, our dedication to quality and precision has made us the trusted choice for homeowners in Poland, Boardman, Austintown, Canfield, and Youngstown. At Superb Concepts, we transform your vision into concrete reality, ensuring every project reflects our commitment to excellence and your unique needs.

If you'd like to schedule an estimate for your concrete flatwork project please call (234) 600-7675 or fill out our online form and we'll get back to you right away.

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Concrete Flatwork We Can Install

Concrete Driveways: These are one of the most common and prominent concrete flatwork projects for homeowners. A well-constructed driveway enhances curb appeal and provides a functional space for vehicles.

Concrete Walkways and Pathways: These guide visitors to the entrance of a home or navigate through gardens and other landscaped areas. They can be straight, curved, or meandering, depending on the layout and design preferences.

Concrete Patios: A staple in many homes, patios offer a solid surface for outdoor furniture, BBQ grills, and other recreational activities. They can be constructed adjacent to the home or as a separate space within the yard.

Concrete Porches: This is the covered entrance area leading to the front door. A concrete porch provides a sturdy and attractive platform for decoration, seating, or simply entering the home.

Concrete Stairs or Steps: Often accompanying walkways, porches, or patios, concrete stairs provide elevation changes in the landscape and can be crafted with various finishes and designs.

Concrete Parking Pads: These are additional parking areas, often situated beside a primary driveway or in a backyard, providing space for recreational vehicles, trailers, or guest parking.

Concrete Driveway Aprons: This is the section of the driveway that connects to the street. It serves as a transition between the public roadway and the private driveway and can be especially important in areas with curbs.

Concrete Slabs: These flat surfaces can serve as foundations for sheds, workshops, or other outbuildings around your property.  These can be custom sized and finished for your specific project requirements.

Concrete Finishing Techniques We Use

Broomed Finish (also known as Brushed Finish):

Appearance & Texture: As the name suggests, once the concrete is laid and starts to set, a broom is dragged across the surface, creating a textured appearance. This leaves behind a series of small ridges.

Function: The primary reason for a broomed finish is to achieve better traction. This is especially useful for driveways, walkways, and other areas where slipping might be a concern, particularly in wet or icy conditions.

Smooth Finish:

Appearance & Texture: This finish is achieved by using trowels to create a smooth, sleek surface. It offers a more polished and refined look compared to a broomed finish.

Function: Smooth finishes are often chosen for aesthetic reasons, especially for areas like patios or indoor floors. However, they might be slippery when wet, so they're not always the best choice for sloped exteriors or areas that see a lot of rain.

Questions About Concrete Flatwork?

Concrete flatwork refers to horizontal concrete installations used primarily for exterior surfaces in residential settings. Common examples include driveways, patios, walkways, and porches. These surfaces are often characterized by a smooth or textured finish, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

When properly installed and maintained, a concrete driveway or patio can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years. Factors affecting its longevity include the quality of installation, the concrete mix used, and local climate conditions.

Absolutely! One of the advantages of concrete is its versatility in design. From broomed to smooth finishes, and even stamped patterns that mimic stone or brick, the design possibilities with concrete are nearly endless.

For most residential projects, you can walk on the surface after 24 hours. However, for driveways or parking pads where vehicles will be placed, it's best to wait at least seven days to ensure the concrete has achieved adequate strength.

The cost can vary based on the size of the project, the type of finish desired, and any customizations. We recommend reaching out to us directly for a detailed estimate tailored to your specific needs.


I highly recommend superb concepts for stamped patios, retaining walls, and landscaping. They installed a very beautiful stamped patio including a compass accent with a firepit. It turned out so beautiful. They also removed mulch, shrubs, etc from one side of my yard and planted seed. It turned out great and now it's easier to maintain. The retaining wall and river rock they installed also look great!! Very satisfied with their work. They are very professional!!

Rozey November 22, 2023

Very nice organization to work with. Tyler takes every job personally, addresses all the questions and concerns, the customer may have. Always do an excellent job. Highly recommended.

S Rational
S Rational October 21, 2023

Great customer service.

Hilary Taylor
Hilary Taylor October 18, 2023

Very professional job and boys were very polite! They cleaned up everything and the pathway turned out gorgeous !

Lauraine Taylor
Lauraine Taylor October 17, 2023

Superb always does an AMAZING job, the guys pay attention to detail and get the job done right, as well as always putting their own artistic detail into their work. 10/10 would recommend!

Tawni Temnick
Tawni Temnick October 14, 2023

Would recommend them to anyone! Super nice and they get the job done.

Melanie Rogers
Melanie Rogers October 7, 2023

Outstanding work! Truly professionals! I highly recommend Superb Concepts!

Timothy Patrick cunningham
Timothy Patrick cunningham October 7, 2023

Great company to work with. Do their job nice and timely manner. We have used them for many times at our hotel business.

Anup Patel
Anup Patel September 23, 2023

A great local company.

Seamus Chrystal
Seamus Chrystal September 22, 2023

I have used Superb Landscape multiple times over about four years. They always do great work at a fair price. I would highly recommend them.

Thomas Wojciechowski
Thomas Wojciechowski September 22, 2023

Quality workmanship and service. They are the most knowledgeable bunch in the business.

Matt Huk
Matt Huk September 22, 2023

Superb Lawncare is a family business and local business I recommend to everyone. These guys work hard and are always professional with everything you want and need for your lawn. They have done numerous jobs for me and always at very good value. Love superb and the work they do.

Anthony Lloyd
Anthony Lloyd September 22, 2023

Dependable and professional work on our driveway, each year during snow accumulation.

Annette Kay
Annette Kay September 22, 2023

Amazing work!!

Ed Curran
Ed Curran September 22, 2023

Had landscape design and irrigation done by them and I’m very satisfied with their service. They are very easy to deal with during the entire process and did a very good job.

V Meluch
V Meluch September 22, 2023

Always can count on them for my snow plowing needs. Excellent job and services.

Judi Peplowski
Judi Peplowski September 21, 2023

I have been working as a supplier of Tyler at Superb Concepts for a few months now and can say that he runs a very tight ship. They care deeply about the quality of their work and their clients customer experience. If you need a paver patio, a retaining wall, stamped concrete, or any hardscaping or landscape installation projects I wouldn't hesitate to contact Tyler and his team. Thank you Tyler, I really appreciate you.

My Sandbox
My Sandbox August 7, 2023

I like Superb Concepts. Tyler and crew were very professional. Outstanding job! We are very happy with the results.

Matthew Antunez
Matthew Antunez June 15, 2023

Just had Superb Concepts out to redo all of our front landscaping and put down rock. They did a great job!

Kaitlin Vandemark
Kaitlin Vandemark May 13, 2023

Very impressed with this company from start to finish! I called for a mulch quote and Tyler was so nice over the phone. He provided an estimate within minutes (I contacted a few other companies for quotes and they didn’t even return my call or said they would come out and give an estimate but never showed up) so Superb Landscape stood out immediately. I loved how they utilized text messaging so I could easily communicate with them. The crew showed up right on time to work. I have a few beds packed full of perennials and Superb mulched the beds beautifully, making sure to get around each plant. They took great care around my flowers and shrubs. They cleaned up at the end of the job and made sure everything was perfect. Highly recommended!! Thanks for making our yard look great.

S M May 7, 2021

As a prior worker at Superb I can undoubtedly say that these men put a lot of care and effort into their business. These are friendly people with great work ethics.

Dylan Restle
Dylan Restle December 9, 2020

Professional and awesome service. Great guys

Muhammad Talha
Muhammad Talha June 30, 2020

Hard working and making sure all is together!

Abigail davis
Abigail davis March 11, 2020

ive been working with superb for multiple years and they have always been very precise and very thorough every time, and consistently make sure that the customer comes first before everything. these young men are very knowledgeable on what they’re doing! 10/10 would recommend!

Kimmy Yeaton
Kimmy Yeaton February 21, 2020

Awesome landscaping with even better people. Can’t recommend them enough.

Patrick Varley
Patrick Varley November 10, 2019

Quick and very hard workers. Can do anything you ask them

James Thompson
James Thompson April 6, 2017

We had an amazing experience with Tyler and this company. We had a tree fall from our yard into our neighbors yard. We got a quote from another company that said they could not be out for 4 more days. Mind you this tree was blocking the neighbors driveway. I got in touch with this company and they had it done the next day. Plus they charged me 100 dollars less than the other company quoted us for. Tyler was super friendly and professional. I would recommend him for any type of tree removal or lawn care.

Jamie Adkins
Jamie Adkins February 22, 2017

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